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EV Parts Bay

Custom Table For Tesla Model Y and 3 - By Ev Parts Bay

Custom Table For Tesla Model Y and 3 - By Ev Parts Bay

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Brand: Ev Parts Bay

Type: Custom Table for Tesla

Material Options: Rattan, Carbon Fiber, Leather

Compatibility: Specially designed for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

Introducing our Custom Table for Tesla Model Y and Model 3, a perfect blend of style, sophistication, and practicality. Available in three exquisite finishes - Rattan, Carbon Fiber, and Leather - each material brings its unique charm to your Tesla's interior. Whether you seek the natural elegance of Rattan, the sleek modernity of Carbon Fiber, or the timeless luxury of Leather, our custom table is the ideal addition to enhance your driving experience.

Our custom table is meticulously designed for a flawless fit in your Tesla, offering a stylish and convenient surface for your essentials. It's not just an accessory; it's an upgrade that redefines your Tesla's interior. Choose your preferred material and transform your Tesla into a statement of your personal style and elegance.

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